A Bridge Too Far.

Based on the historically true military operation 'Market Garden' that was the largest airborne operation of World War II.


Operation Market Garden.

Another war classic that easily steps into the league of the extraordinary is this grand scale action epic critically recognized for its factual accuracy and daring boldness to expose the inability of the allied forces during an era of German bashing in Hollywood films.

Based on the historically true military operation “Market Garden” planned and executed by allied forces during World War II to force Germany into a quick surrender, A Bridge Too Far, faithfully recreates the sequence of events that led to the ill fated invasion (that was the largest airborne operation of its time with an estimated 34,000 men taking part besides vehicles, equipment, rations, artillery pieces and ammunition- all flown in and dropped by air) and its subsequent failure deep within enemy held territory in present day Netherlands.

Adapted for the big screen from a novel by the same name (authored by Cornelius Rayan) and turned into a magnum opus by award winning director Richard Attenborough backed by a massive ensemble of star power including the likes of Edward Fox, Ryan O’ Neil, Robert Red Ford, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, James Cann, Anthony Hopkins, Dirk Bogarde, Michael Caine and Hardy Kruger, the hardcore war film of the yesteryears is an all out entertainer, both action and world war II fans would love to load and reload.