The Breakfast Tray, AC3 Tier.

On the final leg of its near about eighteen hour journey and after passengers travelling within its Ac3 tier compartments have had the time to freshen up for the coming day, the Ranchi-Rajdhani takes to serving a neatly arranged collage of two slices of white bread, an omelette stuffed with a sprinkling of vegetables, a pouch of butter, tomato ketch-up and sachet for tea preparation (coffee as per request) on a red plastic tray as a part of its breakfast offering.

The simple menu does not score high on taste or offer much in variety unless vegetarians like to substitute the omelette for a vegetable cutlet but it’s light enough as far as travel breakfasts go and to keep going till the destination arrives.

Included in the price of the fare, the meal is the last to be served on the train that normally makes an overnight journey. Dinner and an evening special make up the heavier meals served on board.


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