A local favourite

A sprinkling of coriander leafs decorate the surface of a spice flavored meat curry gradually losing heat under a layer of oil during Kullu Dusshera 2015. While larger establishments catering to visiting tourists with more globally recognized cuisines may have taken the meal off the menu, the local favourite continues to be a bread winning feature item with small eateries such as this one – that doles out extra curry and rice at the same price once guests have ordered a plate of the steaming delicacy.

Winter or summer, meat curry and rice is a hands down favourite in Kullu valley where cold weather and inclination towards a non vegetarian diet makes the meal a preferred one throughout the year.

A culinary reflection of the simple and hardy people who for centuries have survived in a rugged land rearing sheep and goat, meat chawal (as the dish is locally known as) is an indispensable part of Pahari cuisine ( a term used to define the culture of Kullu, literally meaning ‘mountain people’) and continues to be served in local households and in many small eateries

The meat in the meat curry either comes from sheep or mutton and generally cooked with water, spices, chillis and coriander. Taste wise, it is closely similar to what one may find in several other parts of North India but very unlike the Bengali version that comes with potatoes and a lot more ingredients. To avoid the extra oil and chilies, dine with a local family. Commercial eateries typically tend to double up on both for enhanced flavor. To savor different local flavours at one spot, the Kullu Dusshera is an avenue not to miss.


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