The birth of Lodi Gardens.

Ancient monuments can do more than transport you back in time. In the 1930s the haunting melancholy of the Lodi era tombs, then situated on the outskirts of Delhi, inspired the wife of the British governor general, to dream-up plans for a swathe of green that could serve as a lovely little spot for tea parties, picnics and gentle strolls.

Using her influence, Marie Freeman Thomas committed energy and resources to turn rustic nature into the perfect example of an English garden. Helped by the authorities she cleared the grounds for the project, relocated homes and livestock then brought in the gardeners to work.

On April 9th, 1936 her dream was open to the public and christened the Lady Willingdon Park. Seventy four years later, the garden she planted has grown into a 90 acres natural paradise hailed as Asia’s best urban utopia.


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