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The intent of Farbound.Net is to encourage travel and exploration to foster a deeper respect of the world we live in. Cultivate in people a love and responsibility towards the environment, species and humanity. And contribute to the growth of tourism, area specific businesses, institutions and services. Farbound.Net is also a knowledge platform for people from across the globe to connect over and welcomes readers to suggest their views, inputs and discuss featured topics using the comment box, responsibly. To know more about Farbound.Net connect with me via email: founder.farbound.siddhartha@gmail.com or call: +91 9805626010.

Woolen sweaters by Kullu Karishma.

Casual and comfortable cable knit sweaters hand spun and hand knitted to bring out the warmth of pure wool.

When women meet after eons.

The history of the second Mughal emperor Humayun, penned by his half sister Gulbadan Begum and translated by Annette. S. Beveridge.

Mud, water, earth and all that it takes to be an...

A hereditary idol maker from West Bengal, India, who has resided in the city of Ranchi since 1983, building his reputation and clientele from scratch, Ajoy Pal is an exemplification of the life the historic idol makers normally leads in present times and their continuing importance during traditional festivals.

The benevolent, Mrs. A.B. Davis.

In 1991 as the British Council Library decided to shut down, a former psychiatrist nurse took over the responsibility of making education affordable to students, leading to the founding of the International Library and Culture Center in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

They don’t play Billiards like this anymore.

Now found mostly in rare antique shops and cherished for their nostalgic connection to British India's colonial past, a surviving masterpiece from furniture maker C. Lazarus and sons continues to grow gracefully inside a club that itself has been around since 1864.

Brothers till fate decides otherwise.

As much the son of the Mughal emperor Babur and half brother to Humayun, Kamran Mira may after after all not have been the rebellious and traitorous prince he has been made out to be

Was it a father’s love that killed Mughal emperor Babur?

In the 15th century as heir and prince Humayun had been taken gravely ill with a life threatening fever, the emperor Babur participated in a medieval rite that ultimately led to his own death.

The Crescent and the Cross.

Created by Stuart Elliott and Mark Lewis for the History Channel in 2005, an Emmy award winning visual narrative that reveals the history of the medieval Crusades, a holy war that continues to debated by modern day critics for its controversial nature.

How Shiva lost his manhood.

In 1800, W.J. Wilkins in his quest to interpret ancient Vedic mythology for English readers, unearthed an amusing account of how the Shiva Lingam came to be.

A bond that ran thicker than blood.

A warrior, poet and a celebrated personality in Persian and Gurkani history, Bairam Beg Bahrulu was a loyal military commander of the Gurkani army instrumental in consolidating Akbar's empire in Hindustan.