Penned and Photographed: Devesh.V. Tripathi

Not many people know that the temple in Bet Dwarka is the actual old temple of Lord Krishna. Today, it is managed by the government and most of the things inside the temple come at a very low cost compared to the other temple at the entrance of the city.

If you want to get there, you got to take a 15 minutes boat ride to an island where 75% of the population is Muslim and survive by operating these ferry services, catering sea food and items crafted from shells and other stuff found in the sea. In this part of the world, both the Hindu and Muslim community live peacefully, and for a very long time there has been not one reported incident of rioting.

When you get to the jetty to board the boat, you will see people selling packets of bird feed. At first you may think what this is all about and if it is even worth spending a dime, but you really must grab a couple of these packets because as soon as the boat leaves the port, anywhere between 25-50 seagulls will flock the boat for the feed that’s in your hand. It’s an incredible experience to see the gulls flying extremely low at such close range and with some even picking the feed from your palm.

There are two other photos of sea gulls that I took from the boat.The boats are overcrowded because these ferries want to make as much money as possible on each trip. So amongst the flood of people onboard and without any other equipment to stabilize the shot, I had to adjust my camera settings to get this silhouette. I wanted the sun to go down a little more, but with little option available, I worked with whatever I had and managed the photo you see above.

Devesh.V.TripathiAbout the photographer: Devesh. V. Tripathi is an Operations Manager at a Technology Firm based in the U.S. He hails from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Quote Devesh: Photography is one of my interests that I discovered very late, thanks to my wife who gifted me my first DSLR and motivated me to discover it within myself. As I like to say “I am a techie by profession, shutterbug by passion. I am a nature lover and try to showcase positive aspects of life through my clicks.


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