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A certified Trek and Tour outfit into providing a range of adventure activities in the Great Himalayan National Park, Tirthan Valley and other regions with a focus on inculcating a responsibility towards preserving nature and the lives of local dwellers.



Established in 1996 with a daring passion to explore untrodden trails in mountaineering and countryside exploration, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures is a seasoned trek and tour outfit with over 100 successful treks in its rucksack and a passionate advocate for conservation and preservation of the Himalayan eco system, its culture and local dwellers – realized in its ecotourism approach that strives to not only acquaint but educate guests to the joys of living in nature.


Hero’s Climb.


How far will you go for some one you love to honor?


Nominate an everyday person you think deserves to be a hero. Vote to have their name selected. Summit a virgin peak in the Great Himalayan National Park. Name it after his or her name. Return back home safely – a Vincent Poscente International initiative supported by Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.

Explore what nature can teach you for life.


The Great Himalayan National Park learning program for schools and colleges.


Learn survival skills in the wild. Explore Himalayan village architecture, agricultural practices and much more while camping and trekking in a UNESCO world heritage site.

Discover the leader in you.


The Great Himalayan National Park corporate adventure training program.


Engage in workshops in the midst of nature. Work as a team. Test your corporate skills. And do much more while unwinding underneath the stars – programs by Acumen 360. Implementation by Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.

Seed a farm in the Himalayas.


The Great Himalayan National Park tourism package for volunteers.


Set-up a farm in the high altitude regions of the Himalayas. Experience the life of a farmer. Grow high value crops. Test markets. Support the locals – program offered in collaboration with G.B. Panth Institute of Environment and Agriculture. Implementation by Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.

Meet the trouts of Tirthan.


Trout Fishing in Tirthan Valley


Explore high altitude angling in Tirthan valley buffer zone of the Great Himalayan National Park with Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.

Soar with the birds of paradise.


Birding Tours


Explore avifauna on a trans Himalayan and North Indian birding tour with Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.

Spot the elusive snow leopard.


Hemis National Park


Explore the Hemis National Park in Ladakh with Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.


Principle Founder, Ankit Sood: A former lecturer of tourism with a Masters of Philosophy in Ecotourism, Ankit Sood is the principal founder of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures, an outfit he started with his former geography teacher Kailash Nath Zadu, and a National Ecotourism Expert involved with the development of tourism in the states of Uttranchal and Sikkim (in association with the respective state governments). In his long association with the Great Himalayan National Park, Ankit has not only organized treks and tours but also continues to offer services as a marketing and public relation consultant with several of the park’s initiatives including the grooming of guides and birding tours were implemented by him.

Co-founder, Pankaj Sood: Joining his elder brother as co founder in 2007, Pankaj Sood is a qualified mountaineer trained in advance mountaineering and skiing by the Western Himalayan Mountaineering institute (India), a passionate photographer and shares his brother’s love for conservation, environment and outdoor thrills. Pankaj is also a member of the B.T.C.A. board (Society for Biodiversity Tourism & Community Advancement) and works with over 500 women in Tirthan valley, the buffer zone of the Great Himalayan National Park.




Great Himalayan National Park: Sunshine Himalayan Adventures’s (SHA) activities in The UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Himalayan National Park includes an assorted collection of adventure outings and indulgences such as long and short treks, nature walks, rafting, camping, angling, photo tours, spiritual & healing sojourns, mountaineering expeditions, woofing, forest learning programs and birding tours with sightings of the Western Trajopan.


Major Tours: The 14 Day Pin Parvati Trek • The 6 Day Sainj Valley Trek • The 10 Day Great Himalayan National Park Trek • A 5 Day Great Himalayan National Park Forest Learning Program • A 16 Day Mountaineering Expedition in the forest reserve • The Hero’s Climb

Tirthan Valley: Within the buffer zone of the Great Himalayan National Park, that is the Tirthan Valley, SHA organizes for guests a variety of outdoor excursions ranging from simple nature walks, drive through the countryside as well as camping, Trout angling in the Tirthan river and cultural tours to acquaint one with the festivals and life of the dwellers. The activities are usually segregated into packages of varying duration for families, groups, students and single adventurers ranging from 2 nights/3 day to 4 nights/5 day packages.


Major activities: Trout Angling • Birding • Camping • Flying Fox Adventures • Mountain Biking • River crossing • Cultural Tours • Rock climbing, rappelling, joomaring under its rockcraft offering • And an option of ten routes to choose from for a drive through the pristine Himalayan ecosystem dotted with sprinklings of villages and clad in snow or lush greenery depending on the season one chooses to visit.

Sikkim: SHA’s adventure activities in Sikkim include the near about 7 day long Kishong-La Lake trek that courses its way through Sikkim’s Tholung valley sparsely populated by Lepcha herdsmen. The 11 day Goechala trek that begins from Yuksom and offers adventurers a breathtaking view of Kanchenjunga – the third highest mountain in the world. Birding tours by local inhabitants (trained by SHA). And the newly started ‘Sikkim Homestay Tour’ that lets guests enjoy the local hospitality living in beautiful cottages scattered across the countryside.


Major Tours: The 7 Day long Kishong La Lake Trek • The 11 Day Goechala Trek • Birding Tours • Sikkim Homestay Tour

Uttranchal: As in the north eastern state of Sikkim, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) has been involved in developing ecotourism in the region of Uttranchal in association with the Uttranchal state government as of 2014. The outfit’s current adventure activities including is structured to offer guests a pleasurable experience of adventuring through the state with two major tours.


Major Tours: The Lata Kharak Trek (a high plateau located at 12099 feet) in the Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve • The Nanda Devi base camp trek that meanders through a majestic Himalayan landscape inhabited by endangered species to the foot of the highest mountain in the region.

Ladakh: Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) practically spearheaded the way for treks in Ladakh’s high altitude Nubra and Markha valley (with one of its earlier associates, a nature group widely known as a Nature De Freunde) as well as successfully completed climbing expeditions to Stok Kangri (6,153 meters) and the Gulap Kangri peak (19,700 ft) within the Hemis National Park.


Major Tours: Treks in Nubra and Markha Valley (the latter in particular labeled for experienced climbers) • Climbing expeditions to Stok Kangri (the highest peak in the Stok range of mountains and one that offers a splendid view of K2 – the second highest peak in the world – along with the outlying Zanskar and Karakoram) • The Gulap Kangri trek (another towering peak within the Hemis National Park, slotted for experienced climbers) • The Chadar trek (a trek over the frozen Chadar river at the height of winter) • Cultural tours of the ‘locked in time’ land of Ladakh. • Snow leopard spotting in the Hemis National Park.

Nepal: Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) had began its excursion in Nepal as a part of an expansion drive to provide its guests with trekking options in multiple locales. The outfit has escorted trekkers from India on two separate occasion to the Annapurna base camp (4,130 meters) and the south Everest base Camp (5,364 meters).


Major Tours: Annapurna Base Camp Trek • South Everest base camp trek.

Himachal: Outside its mainstay routes and regions, SHA offers additional tours and treks to experience several other parts of Himachal in its attempt to acquaint more visitors to its home state and culture.


Major Tours: The trek of Kinnaur Kailash (the mythical mountain of Lord Shiva situated at 6349 meters in the district of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India) • The Rupi Bhaba Trek (encompassing Kinnaur and Spiti) • Trek through the Pangi valley in tribal Chamba (a second district within Himachal Pradesh, India) • Trek to Chandratal and Surajtal lake in Spiti (Lahul & Spiti) • The Spiti Magic Trek (an exploration of the region’s highland villages) • Trek to Bijli Mahadev, Kullu valley (for experienced climbers, a non strenuous, one day walk to an ancient temple of Shiva located right on the summit of a hill) • The Kullu Dharamasala trek (beginning in Kangra in a place called Barot and ending in Dhalpur, Kullu valley) • The Shimla to Manali trek via Jalori pass. And treks in Malana (within Himachal, India)

Jeep Safari: For motorised adventurers, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures (SHA) offers the staple adrenaline rush with its guided jeep, motor biking and bike safaris for touring different parts of the Himalayas. Sunshine’s itinerary is adapted to suit the convenience of guests opting for different modes of transport with a mobile kitchen escort and support staff following close behind during bike and motorbike safaris. On request the outfit also arranges mountain bikes from external sources and provides 8 Enfield motorcycles.


Major Tours: The Trans Himalayan Jeep safari (that wends its way from Shimla to Leh, passing enroute Kinnaur, Spiti, Manali and Lahaul) • The Monastery Jeep Safari that takes a tour of temples, monasteries and religious sites both ancient and new.

Hemis National Park: Sunshine Himalayan Adventures is an exclusive promoter of the Snow Leopard Conservancy initiative and organizes tour engaging the help of local dwellers, forest and wildlife officials for sightings of the Himalayan big cats – leading to much success in recent times. However, sightings are not guaranteed as the animal is one of the most elusive and hard to spot.


Major region: Hemis National Park.

Birding Tours: The first outfit in Himachal Pradesh, India to provide special birding tours as a separate category within the adventure tourism parcel, borne out of its love for the species, Sunshine Himalayan Adventures continues to organize the nature outings for ornithologists and bird lovers to spot, observe and learn about various species of birds by touring different locales and game reserves. In places like Great Himalayan National Park and Sikkim, SHA incorporates the aid of local inhabitants trained as guides banking on their knowledge for trails and animal behavior as well as to provide them with a source of legal income to dissuade poaching activities spurred out of economic needs.


Major regions: Great Himalayan National Park • Corbett National Park • Sikkim.





SPAN: 1996-2017

Founding of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures
The outfit’s founding members are Ankit Sood and Kailash Nath Zadu.

Kailash Nath Zadu retires as co founder.

Sunshine Himalayan Adventures begins its long association with the Great Himalayan National Park. In the same year SHA initiates and becomes the first outfit to provide the Transhimalayan and North Indian birding tour as a adventure activity in Himachal, India.

Tie-up between SHA and U.S based Way of Adventure, Inc, founded by motivational speaker, author and world adventurer, Dr. Jeff Salz.

Pankaj Sood, younger brother of Ankit Sood joins Sunshine Himalayan Adventures as co-founder.

SHA’s campaign alongside the environmental group Friends of the Great Himalayan National Park to bestow the forest reserve with a UNESCO world heritage status meets with success.

SHA supports the Nari Shakti initiative as a part of a greater activity to help local dwellers cope with their new settings after the borders of the Great Himalayan National Park begins to restrict access. The year sees the outfit team up with B.T.C.A and Good Karma Projects to release documentary films on the life of the local women.

In its second expedition under the Hero’s climb initiative, SHA escorts an U.S. team to the summit of a virgin peak in Great Himalayan National Park. The peak is named Kilcullen Peak – after ten year old caner patient, Gavin Kilcullen.


Visit Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.

Sunshine Himalayan Adventures is a certified trek and travel company headquartered in Akhara Bazzar, Kullu town, Himachal Pradesh, India. To connect with Sunshine Himalayan Adventures send email to: sunhimalaya@yahoo.com I sunhimalaya@gmail.com. Or call: 01902-225182, 09418102083 (mobile). Website: Sunshine Himalayan Adventures I Tirthan Ecotourism Valley. Facebook Page: Great Himalayan National Park Tours and Exploration I Sunshine Himalayan Adventures I Tirthan Valley

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