Photographer: Rahul Sud

Illuminated by the fading light of the sun, Chhatru’s lonely landscape with its intoxicating mix of earth and sky makes for a romantic portrait of the Himalayan highlands on a bitter cold evening in the month of April in this photo by Rahul Sud, a hotelier and independent photographer. Sights like these are not something that you get to see sitting behind large bay windows or discover locked up inside hotel rooms. You get to do both by immersing yourself in the wilderness out there.

Rahul Sud, “Chhatru has everything that a mountain photographer could possibly desire. It is a paradise that can surprise you just when you think you have done it all and on this evening the sky was dramatic with saturated warm tones and my Nikon D7000 was right beside me.”

Farbound.Net Rahul Sud photographerWith a career spanning more than a decade, Rahul Sud, is an award winning photographer and author of a coffee table book on Kullu Valley (titled Kullu Beyond Horizons ) , his work and tutorials have been featured in leading photography magazines of India. His achievements also include 5 solo exhibitions. He is passionate about travel, photography and sharing tips and techniques on photography.