Collectors Heritage Camp Tanto.

Camping essentials from Windlass Online stores to keep you going back to where your heart belongs.

Farbound.NetCollectors-Heritage Fire Starter and Hunting Blade

Camping essentials from Windlass.

Mother Nature can be fickle. Weather can turn from sunny to soggy. And out in the wild that wet matchbox and pocket knife can shove your love for the outdoors straight down a bottomless gorge. Collectors Heritage a brand of Windlass Online Stores Private Limited, globally known for its craftsmanship, presents a duo to keep you going back to where your heart belongs. The dual function straight blade comes with a serrated top to let you saw through entangled ropes and branches while its fire starter companion helps you light up a quick camp fire. An essential pair to take along when exploring the remote corners of the earth or a new planet.

  • Specifications.

Total Length: 7 inches. Sharp Edge: 3 inches. Colour: Epoxy Black. Blade Tip: Pointed, Serrated Top. Coat: Corrosion Resistant. Grip: Nylon Paracord Wrapped Grip.