Photographer: Rahul Sud

Mesmerizing one moment. Menacing the next. Surviving  high up in the Himalayan highlands has little to do with luck and more about understanding the very nature of nature. The Rohtang pass  that draws in hordes of tourists for breathtaking sights and thrills in the snow is a certified death trap in winters with sub zero temperatures and raging blizzards extracting a heavy toll in human life since man first learned to negotiate past its contours. To photographer Rahul Sud, who has traversed up and down the Himalayan trails documenting its moods, the bleak frozen landscape on a calm April morning represented the spirit of the Himalayas – infinite, eternally beautiful and a secret view reserved for a privileged few. But Rahul also knew well enough if there was a storm brewing in the horizon, this high mountain pass can be no friend to trespassers.

In local dialect, Rohtang means a pile of corpses.

Farbound.Net Rahul Sud photographerWith a career spanning more than a decade, Rahul Sud, is an award winning photographer and author of a coffee table book on Kullu Valley (titled Kullu Beyond Horizons ) , his work and tutorials have been featured in leading photography magazines of India. His achievements also include 5 solo exhibitions. He is passionate about travel, photography and sharing tips and techniques on photography.