Equipped with chairs and tables, a stall lets a large display case advertise its menu alongside a printed sign board.


Grab some grub.

Ice cream sellers with little boxes slung over shoulders startle passersby with practiced sales calls. Sweet vendors sitting underneath yellow tarpaulins stir-up delicacies and light snacks in frying pans filled with boiling oil. While more enterprising eateries make use of make shift stalls, some more complete than others, as a temporary base of operation to cater to customers who prefer to eat sitting down on plastic chairs and tables.

Dining and festive revelry walks hand in hand on the streets of Kullu during the festival of Dusshera, and as people roam in hordes from morning till late in the night, stalls like the one in the picture on top, that hauled its goods all the way from the town of Mandi 70 kilometers en route to Kullu, seldom stay empty for long.

Food served is predominately Indian with a spattering of Tibetan Dumplings (Momos), Spring rolls and Chow-mien making up the hot favourites. For pancakes, pizzas or a more relaxing environment, visitors have the option of visiting Kullu’s resident restaurants and hotels located not far away.