Sit around for a while

Fashioned out of weathered driftwood logs with peeling skin, rustic looking tables and benches shaded by overlapping canopies rustling in the summer wind makes up a dreamy little spot for a short outdoor escapade at the Nature Park in Mohal, Himachal Pradesh.

Located on the doorstep of the old National Highway 21, this Himachal Pradesh Forest Division initiative leaves its doors open for tired travelers to break a long journey over lunch and residents to drop in with fully charged laptops for work, a game of chess, cards, lounging around with friends or couples looking for some ‘me’ time. The park does have its share of noise, usually from kids frolicking in the play area, yet still can be surprisingly quiet.

Visitors are permitted to bring in their tiffins – as long as they use the dustbins and not leave the leftovers on the table. Tit bits like soft drinks and wafer packs can be picked up from a small outlet within the premise or local stores and eateries near the bus stop at Mohal walking distance away –  though shoppers will need to check the dates on the sealed packs, as most commodities on shelves in Kullu Valley are outdated.


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