St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Christianity inspite of not being a major religion in the state of Jharkhand, India has played a crucial role in its development since 1845. Over the centuries, both Protestant and Catholic denominations have stepped in to help a neglected tribal population look beyond scanty means and found some of the present day city’s oldest schools and colleges.

The St. Mary’s Cathedral, established in 1901 in Purulia Road, is more than a historic landmark that travelers can visit for a glimpse of early 19th century architecture. The Catholic institution has roots that go back to 1885 when a group of Belgian Jesuits, particular one Father Constant Lievens, helped the people of the Munda tribe win back their land and their self-respect.

Converting was a free choice. Many chose to be baptized. Many didn’t. But the ecclesiastical order never stopped crusading for what it considered basic human rights. The Cathedral now serves as the Archdiocese of Ranchi.


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