Thali Meal
In the photo:  A Vegetarian Thali meal at the Kaveri restaurant in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Wholesome Hospitality.

Ladled out in generous quantity, several separate delectable items of Indian cooking – including rice and vegetables, pulses and curry, salads and sweet crowd a huge steel plate inside an air conditioned cool restaurant in Ranchi, Jharkhand. A hefty main course for both large and small appetites, the wholesome Indian Thali (the name literally meaning an eating plate) typically comes for an all inclusive price and served in all most all multi-cuisine restaurants and small eateries across the country.

The dish most likely originated from within well to do Indian household kitchens with a long tradition of serving more than one delectable item during meals before savvy marketers and hospitality joints turned it into a restaurant menu item.

Dining Tip: While the number of items may vary from restaurant to restaurant as can the price, the chocolate box style serving can be a good option to try out multiple Indian cuisines without having to order separately. Thali meals can be both vegetarian and non vegetarian. They can be oily as well with some restaurants offering a refill without extra charge.


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