Photographer: Madhabendu Hensh

Frosty Himalayan hills cradle a lonely spot of the earth somewhere between the Lachung & Yumthang Valley of North Sikkim District, in this photo by Madhabendu Hensh, a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, India – who recalls the place to be six or seven kilometers away from Lachung. North Sikkim makes up the largest district of the state with an unbroken Himalayan countryside harbouring barely 10 inhabitants in every square kilometer as per a 2011 population census. The photo taken in May 2014, was spotted in the Facebook page of the Himalayan Club, a group founded 17th Feb, 1928 to encourage and assist Himalayan travel and exploration.

Farbound.Net Pick of the web photographer Madhabendu-HenshAbout the Photograph: Pick of the web – stunning photos from across the world web and the people who capture them – a Farbound.Net initiative to highlight those who make visible the many facets of the world. Photographer: Madhabendu Hensh, Kolkatta, India.


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