Meals for every pocket.

A queue of people patiently await tables outside one of Ranchi’s sundry collection of local eating establishments that in recent times have sprouted across the city to rub shoulders with global giants like KFC and Dominos in popularity and class. A ubiquitous indicator catering is turning out to a booming business in this former summer capital of Bihar.

People love to eat, have choices, and now more are beginning to prefer good service, good food and air conditioned halls over heating up frying pans in overheated kitchens – thanks to a variegated canvas of eateries, confectioneries and bakeries severing everything from regional Indian cuisines and Chinese to traditional Bengali sweets and English pastries, and from spicy Kebabs in stalls, parathas and chicken curry for as low as Rs 50, to economical meal packages for students with limited spending power. The city has no scarcity of eating establishments and home delivery options.


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