Presidential suite, resort Cala di Volpe.

Hotel architecture


Presidential suite, resort Cala Di Volpe.

Created in 1962, by international architect Savin Couelle, who inherited his love for quintessential Costa Smeralda style of architecture from his father, the late Jacques Couëlle – a Legion of Honor award winning French architect noted for creating projects with a blend of sculptural and organic architectural forms – the resort Cala Di Volpe located in the historic region of Costa Smeralda in Sardina, Italy, for sometime now, has been regarded as a surrealistic masterpiece for its striking appearance to a local Sardinian fishing village.

The Presidential suite of the resort, cited to be among the most expensive in the world by several leading international journals including Forbes, is spread over a 4,448 sq.ft area and decked up with handcrafted furnishings and textiles encased within terracotta wall to reflect Sardinian traditions to the last detail. The suite has three bedrooms, a wide rooftop terrace, a private dinning area capable of seating eight and a swimming pool among other ornaments – with a solarium and a wine cellar making up its main highlights.

File Fact: Translated into English, Costa Smeralda literally means the Emerald Coast. The name comes after the bay’s bluish-green waters and was given by Prince Karim Aga Khan, the present Imam of the Nizari denomination within Ismailism, Shia Islam.


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