A passenger bus service presumed to have ceased operations.

The Manali Mail used to be one of the many long distance runners that continue to operate on the Delhi to Manali route regularly – ferrying passengers in an overnight trip of 12 to 13 hours from destination to destination barring aside unexpected halts and including stops for dinner at a local eatery, early morning tea and breakfast.

The bus was a Volvo class passenger transport owned by the Manali Mail company headquartered in Kullu valley and provided moderately commendable service, as any other private operator working on the same route. Presently, the company is said to have suspended operations, and it is unclear if many online booking sites offering bus service under an identical name is of the same company. Travelers may need to cross check before booking.

Prior to this snippet Farbound.Net featured a review in the same spot – describing the experience of travelling in a Volvo bus from Manali to Delhi. The Mail was highlighted in the review.