Photographer: Vikram Singh

Tiny drops of cold water take to defying gravity as a Great White Pelican splashes about in a lake inside the National Zoological Park, Delhi in this photo by Vikram Singh, a resident of the same city and a photographer for twenty five years. Great White Pelicans are the second largest birds to be found in the aquatic Pelican family and considered a non native species to the subcontinent of India.

Yet lately ornithologists have observed the migratory visitors in increasing numbers, reportedly due to global climatic changes (see the 2012 article by Hindu: Great White Pelican surprise Delhi). Vikram, a die hard crusader for the preservation of avifauna has spend over ten years with the winged inhabitants of the planet, photographing their beauty and behavior. To him nothing is more challenging than capturing movement of birds flying at a speed of 1/3000 secs. His growing collection titled ‘Lets save the birds and their habitat’ can be explored on his Facebook Page – where the photo above was spotted.

Doctor-Vikram-Singh-PhotographerPick of the web 2015: Stunning photos from across the world web and the people who capture them – a Farbound.Net initiative to highlight those who make visible the many facets of the world. Photographer:  Vikram Singh, New Delhi, India.


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