Storm in April.

A hot summer day comes to an abrupt end as dark clouds roll into view to unload a barrage of lightning bolts and icy cold rain on the heated earth. The storm is a short lived one. But by the time it has ended, the temperature is down a slight few notches and the scenic natural beauty, bathed and washed clean of the day’s dust, glitters like a sea of green. Evenings after a storm are usually a whole lot cooler than normal and if the buffeting winds continue, a blanket might come handy during the night.

In stark contrast, down in the plains the heat will continue its unabated scourging spree with occasional showers bringing about little relief,till the arrival of the monsoons.

Though the outlying regions of Bhuntar are comparatively warmer than the town’s more popular cousin: Manali. A spell of unusually hot summer days seldom last long. Strong gusty winds and short thunder showers act cohesively to keep soaring temperatures in check. Air conditioners are still a rarity in the valley.