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The Villa La Cupola, Rome.

https://youtu.be/Zp9WgMa9iNI&rel=0&showinfo=0 VIA VENETO, ROME, ITALY. The Villa La Cupola, hotel Westin Excelsior.Perhaps the only hotel room vested with the power to sweep resident guests through the eternal...

Presidential suite, resort Cala di Volpe.

https://youtu.be/enciSk7h2LU&rel=0&showinfo=0 COSTA SMERALDA, SARDINA, ITALY. Presidential suite, resort Cala Di Volpe.Created in 1962, by international architect Savin Couelle, who inherited his love for quintessential Costa Smeralda style of architecture...

The Sterling Suite, hotel Langham.

https://youtu.be/vQOqvRhscsU&rel=0&showinfo=0 LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. The Sterling suite, Langham hotel.Unveiled on 1st, June 2015 by one of London's historic hospitality establishments on its 150th anniversary, the Sterling...

The President Wilson Royal Penthouse Suite.

https://youtu.be/Fxn8RUrAsS0&rel=0&showinfo=0 GENEVA, SWITZERLAND. Royal Penthouse suite, President Wilson.While the Royal Suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva has not graced headlines for making status quo...