Photographer: Raghav Gautam

Found trapped inside a house in the city of Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India and rescued from a fate dealt out to many of his kind in similar circumstances,  Tejas – a one and a half year old leopard cub -prowls inside an enclosure (which inspite of not being a quarter of the natural territory owned by a full grown leopard gives him a better chance to live out his full life, than in the jungle), in this photo captured by Raghav Gautam in 2014. Leopards are counted among the top four big cats found in the world. Though not as fast as the Cheetah, they have greater power and can drag their kill to tree tops for undisturbed feeding. Tejas typically consumes 12 kg of meat in winters and 10 kg in summers. Out in the wild he would have to hunt his meal relying on skills taught to him by his mother, and even then go hungry when prey eluded him on certain days.

Farbound.Net-Raghav-Gautam-PhotographerRaghav Gautam is into motion graphics and video editing. Photography for him is an art by which he has learned to see things better without the camera. It has opened up beauty within the close-confines, and a sense of appreciation for things, big and small. Quote Raghav: I love nature, candid, macro, wildlife only because they’re natural and I don’t do much editing with any of my pictures for the same reason. My interests, other than photography, lie in reading and writing and I sometimes blog stories, poetry and article too.


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