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(1). Farbound.Net is an independent online site from New Delhi, India presently based in Khokhan, Parganoo, Bhuntar, Distt. Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. Farbound.Net’s primarily objective is to be a knowledge and exploration platform featuring stories, snippets and reviews in the categories of destinations, life and times of a place, history, culture, architecture, generic cuisines, travel and other similar categories with the aim of spreading knowledge and growing awareness of the many facets of the world. 90% of Farbound’s Net’s stories and snippets are photographed, researched, written and compiled in-house presently by Founder Farbound.Net Siddhartha Mukherjee. Farbound.Net also highlights photographers and their works related to the above mentioned categories and the works of environmentalists, educators, scholars, historians, curators and common folks both as contributions as well as embedded in its own stories and snippets. Contributions accepted are of a non commercial nature and accompanied by the names of the senders.

(2). Farbound.Net’s secondary objective is to highlight the community of business and services that supports its endeavors as paying members. Farbound.Net highlights these businesses and services along with their offerings with its paid member’s spotlight panels, business stories, product and promotion snippets written and compiled in detail to support their growth as brands, document their life and times, and enhance their awareness while simultaneously allowing folks to discover them in detail so as to connect or network with them. Farbound.Net sees its promotional offerings not as a form of gaining publicity for businesses and services but as means of enhancing their awareness and growth.

(3). Revenue and Funds: Farbound.Net’s three main sources of funds and revenue for development, ongoing endeavors and livelihood comes from highlighting its community members with a promotional facility, affiliate links displaying products and services particularly movies and books, and Google advertisements that are displayed on Farbound.Net.

(4). Farbound.Net has no print version and does not own any commercial address. The outfit operates from the house of its founder and owners Siddhartha Mukherjee and Deepshikha Mukherjee.

(5). Farbound.Net begun its journey on the 1st of April, 2013 and currently has no employees, appointed agents or representatives other than the mentioned founders. Farbound.Net is also not a part of any religious or political entity nor is it associated with any individual, institution, business, organization or service provider in any binding partnership.

(6). As of 2017 Farbound.Net is allied with advertising agency and design boutique 22 Creatives based in Guragon. Haryana, India in a non contractual agreement. 22 Creatives provides advertising services in the area of print and digital media to compliment Farbound.Net’s business stories, product and promotion snippets which are of a non commercial nature and support Farbound.Net’s endeavor in spreading knowledge and exploration

(7). Business visiting cards used by Farbound.Net are printed with the name Farbound on the front side with www.farbound.net mentioned on the reverse. The card also mentions the name of founder: Siddhartha Mukherjee. As of 2015, the cards still mention the mobile number +91 9999195027 that has been replaced with +91 9805626010 visible on the site. The Farbound.Net logo is a paw imprinted with three leaves resembling a bird placed within a circle. The house colors of Farbound.Net is black and white.

(8). Founders of the magazine are Siddhartha Mukherjee and Deepshikha Mukherjee. Farbound.Net is the property of Siddhartha Mukherjee. All rights reserved.

(9). Farbound.Net the site is not an online booking site, online market, resort, hotel, rest house, paying accommodation, travel organization, booking agent, restaurant, photography studio, marketing or advertising firm and neither does it not offer lodging services, own manufactured products, products for direct purchase, travel services, bookings and reservations, guided tours and tour packages, commercial photo shoots, marketing and advertising services.


(1).The Farbound.Net editorial comprises of stories, snippets and reviews intentionally constructed out of facts and researched findings to stimulate readers to think beyond the said and given, explore possible scenarios and arrive at their own opinions and conclusions. The stories and snippets are aimed at encouraging exploration and spreading knowledge under the diverse categories featured on Farbound.Net.

(2). Views expressed within (unless that of, sources, experts and people who constitute a part of the stories, articles, snippets) is of Farbound.Net. Farbound.Net acknowledges to the use of narrative liberties without deviating from original facts and findings.

(3). Every humanly possible effort is undertaken to ensure the presented facts and findings procured via sources, visits, research, interviews, experience, observation and consultation with experts is current and accurate. However, Farbound.Net does in no way guarantee the information on the site is up-to-date, error-free, congruous or complete. Farbound.Net reserves the right to periodically add, modify or delete any information, story, snippet, photo, video link present on this site.

(4). Stories and snippets featuring people, their lives, businesses, services and views are based on information provided for by the respective individuals. The interview is recorded on the spot and stored in an electronic medium for constructing future content and future reference or procured via mail.

(5). Names of experts consulted, benefactors, contributors, sources are as a rule mentioned and link provided to webpages consulted for research.

(6). Photos and editorial content not accompanied by the names of photographers or writers is that of the Farbound.Net founder: Siddhartha Mukherjee.

(7). Farbound.Net editorial highlights are not subject to modifications, changes or improvements by any third party or written as per their guidelines. Farbound.Net also does not offer previews before publication of its editorial content.

(8). Farbound.Net does not entertain private discussion on published stories and snippets via mail. For users who wish to discuss or comment on any featured story and snippet Farbound.Net displays a comment section below every story and snippet. The comment section can be used to discuss, comment or enlarge stories and snippets with valuable inputs.

(9) Any decision based on the information contained within the stories and snippets is the sole responsibility of the user. Farbound.Net does not accept any liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, or any other damages of whatsoever kind, resulting from the use of any information obtained either directly or indirectly from this site.

(10) For unintentional and occasional errors, including typographical ones that may have at times eluded observation and exists on this site Farbound.Net offers its apology.


The Farbound.Net Community is a collective of business, services and institutions with a shared love for encouraging exploration and spreading knowledge that is highlighted mainly in the Farbound.Net editorial comprising of the general categories of destinations, history, art, culture, architecture, life and times, travel and other similar categories including the Farbound.Net photography section that highlights photographers and their works along with stories and snippets that highlight historians, scholars, curators, environmentalists and the lives of common folks in general.

(1). Paid Membership: In lieu of the commercial nature of businesses, services and institutions and the nature of their display on Farbound.Net which encompasses brand growth/awareness and may lead to profit accumulation and leads, community membership comes for a nominal yearly fee and a one time fee for other optional items mentioned within the Farbound.Net promotional facility.

(2). Allocation of fees as funds: Farbound.Net utilizes the procured fees from its community members as funds to sustain its livelihood, its development, and seasonally advertise its presence which simultaneously also facilities growth of awareness of its community of business and services alongside its core editorial content plus provides readers, travelers and explorers with the option of availing their products and services.

(3). Reason for change in policy: Farbound.Net’s change in stance from highlighting business and services regardless of their mandate or criteria of membership with its business stories, product and promotion snippets was deemed necessary after the realization some business and services used the stories and snippets compiled for growing awareness and developing as brands solely for cheap publicity and/or demanding increase in profits on a year after year basis for the nominal amount charged by Farbound.Net. The Farbound.Net Community model is to bring together a collective of organizations whose mandate is to not only provide quality services and products but who share a larger vision of benefiting folks in the areas of exploration and spread of knowledge. As well as to cultivate long term relationship with business and services for their development and growth.

(4). Rebate for former businesses and services inclined towards community membership, prior to the policy change, 2017: Business and services charged INR 3,000 and later INR 6,000 in 2015 for business stories, prevailing nominal rates for product and promotion snippets prior to the policy change in 2017 are eligible for community membership and display on the first page of the Farbound.Net Community page for a yearly renewal fee of INR 3,000 – that in 2014 and 2015 was the yearly renewal rate for display of business stories encompassing product and promotion snippets, on the site.

(5). Eligibility for joining the Farbound.Net Community: The Farbound.Net Community Membership is open for all kinds of businesses and services from across the world who believe in the notion knowledge should not be locked behind closed doors but actively distributed and would like to support Farbound.Net endeavors in spreading knowledge and encouraging free thinking and exploration. While having a mandate for providing quality products and services. Community Membership is also open for similar types of businesses and services from single categories and same geographical locations.


Farbound.Net Business is a paid facility aimed at supporting its community of business, services and institutions in highlight their organizations, products and initiatives on a year around basis.

(1). Farbound.Net Business comprises of (A) COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP PANELS, (B) BUSINESS STORIES, AND (C) BUSINESS SNIPPETS. The extended integrated advertising services provided for advertising agency and design boutique 22 Creatives based in Gurgaon, India includes (A) ADVISORY SERVICES. (B) DESIGN SERVICES (C) DIGITAL & WEBSITE CREATION. The extended advertising service is a separate service and does not constitute a part of the core Farbound.Net promotion facility.

(2). The Farbound.Net Member’s Spotlight Panel: The Farbound.Net Member’s Spotlight Panel is the basic requirement for community membership. It contains a short description of a business or service along with contact details. The member’s spotlight panel is compiled in consultation with the respective business and service and is made available for an yearly fee of INR 5,000 for the first page and INR 2,500 for the second page. The Member’s spotlight panel is updated as when Farbound.Net is notified of new developments. The yearly fee for the Member’s Spotlight Panel of INR 5,000 and INR 2,500 encompasses renewal and display of business stories, product and promotion snippets on Farbound.Net that are charged a single time only at the time of their creation.

(3). The Farbound.Net Business Story: The Farbound.Net Business Story is researched and constructed out of facts and findings to present a detailed view of an organization with the three fold motive of documenting the life of the business and service at its various stages of development, support its growth as a brand and provide readers with thorough information. The Farbound.Net business story is a core Farbound.Net offering and is written/compiled by Farbound.Net after interview, site visit, research, consultation with its proprietors and owners or after the information is procured via interview on email. The business story is an optional requirement and is made available for a one time fee of INR 21,000 in lieu towards investment of time and effort in researching, writing and compiling. Photographs incorporated within the Farbound.Net Business stories if not accompanied with the name of the organization or photographer is that of Founder Farbound.Net. The fee of 21,000 for business stories does not include charges of a professional photographer or videographer.

(4). Farbound.Net Product and Promotion snippets: The Farbound.Net Product and Promotion snippets highlights single products or initiatives. It is made available for a one time fee of INR 10,000. The product and promotional snippet is an an optional requirement.

(5). Farbound.Net Pop-Up Display: The Farbound.Net pop-up is a panel that is displayed sitewide highlighting business and services opting for its use for an additional fee in addition to their membership spotlight for a yearly INR 5,000. If not used by business and services the pop-up is utilized by Farbound.Net to display generic messages.

(6). All Farbound.Net Business Stories as well as the Product and Promotion snippets are constructed by Farbound.Net as per its research and findings. Also Farbound.Net reserves the right to write/compile, photograph as per its own guidelines.

(7). Farbound.Net membership spotlight panels, business stories, product and promotion snippets does not include hard sell, manipulative language or photo shop manipulation that may influence buyer decision or misinform.

(8). Rates for business stories, product and promotion snippets and pop-up display are subject to change and updates. Farbound.Net reserves the right to allocate/increase rates for the mentioned promotional elements or add or remove elements present within Farbound.Net promotions by disclosing its intent a month before changes are applicable. Change in rates is applicable for future members only.

(9).The main aim of Farbound.Net is to spread knowledge and grow awareness of the many facets of the world including businesses, services and products that are displayed on the site. Likewise the Farbound.Net Community promotional service is to be seen in the same light. Farbound.Net does not encourage or engage in hard sales and persuasive tactics. Nor does it guarantee display on the site will lead to business accumulation or enhanced sales. Farbound.Net believes in the ethical approach of letting folks choose services, businesses and products as per their preference and interest. The Farbound.Net promotional service applies to all organizations, institutions, businesses and services that work for and stand to profit by being highlighted as well as non-profit organizations that may stand to gain latent/direct publicity.


As of May 2017, advertising agency and design boutique 22 Creatives based in Ocus Quantum Sect. 51, Guragon, Haryana, India supports Farbound.Net endeavors to provide Farbound.Net community members with advertising services to meet their requirements in the areas of print, digital media and website creation, as a compliment to their business stories, product and promotion snippets displayed on Farbound.Net that are of a detailed but non commercial nature. The alliance between Farbound.Net and 22 Creatives is to provide community members with a 360 degree solution for growth and development for their support in encouraging exploration and spread of knowledge. Only community members are eligible for rebate in prices for creation of print and digital material. For businesses and services who wish to solely advertise their presence in the areas of print and digital media, regular charges apply. Creation of advertising material for print and digital media is handled by 22 Creatives under its own terms and conditions. Fees for the creation of material is also as per 22 Creatives’ rate card. Availing the advertising services solely is not considered as eligibility for community membership by Farbound.Net.


Since November 2016, Business Stories describing a business, service or organization in detail have been tagged as ‘A Farbound.Net Business Story’. Content tagged as FARPRM indicate its promotional nature and can either be of an affiliate with a link leading to a third party website showcasing virtual or physical products for purchase or written/compiled to highlight products, services and initiatives of Community members (also with links leading to a third party website). Stories and snippets accompanied with the tag FAREDT indicate Farbound.Net editorial.


Farbound.Net actively circulates its editorial and promotional highlights in social sites on a regular basis and in some case at paced intervals to make it easier for readers to come across on their favorite platforms, topics of interest, areas of exploration, gain knowledge on different facets, discover or get re-acquainted with issues, the environment and the species, look-up products and services. As well as to help businesses, services, institutions highlight their presence, services and products. Farbound.Net also provides readers with a subscription option to be immediately notified of new stories and snippets published on Farbound.Net. For circulation and subscription, the magazine/site does not charge any additional fee from its community of businesses, services, institutions highlighted via Farbound.Net promotions.


Farbound.Net hosts Google advertisements under Google’s terms and conditions. As well as displays affiliate links of Amazon and Flex.Offers.com from time to time for various products such as direct movie downloads, books, and merchandise. Displayed advertisements from Google and affiliate links are separate from Farbound.Net Community Promotions comprising of Member’s Spotlight Panels, Business Stories, Product and Promotion Snippets, and Pop-up Display Panels and links contained within that may lead directly to the websites of businesses, services and institutions or other pages within Farbound.Net. All displayed Google advertisements are suffixed with the header “Advertisements” or “Ads by Google”. Affiliate links by Amazon come with ‘Amazon’ in the link address and ‘Flex’ for Flex.Offers.com. Banners via Flex.Offers.com or are suffixed with the header ‘Adverts’.


Farbound.Net’s hosting provider is Buzzihost based in Ghaziabad, Uttarpradesh, India. Technical difficulties that may occasionally arise due to server failure, maintenance, malfunctions are factors beyond the control of Farbound.Net. Network issues or slow internet speed from the user’s end may also prevent access or full use of this site. The site could also be rendered differently in different web browsers and on computer screens with varying screen resolution.


The Farbound.Net official email IDs are: founder.farbound.siddhartha@gmail.com, correspondence.farbound@gmail.com, gofar@farbound.net. Mobile number: (+91) 9805626010. Skype: founder.farbound.net.