Where is your earth heaven?

In fading light the daily struggle of making a living doing numerous odd jobs slowly draws to a close as the town of Bhuntar and its residents prepare to wind up business for the coming night. Unbothered by the fall in commotion flows the mingled waters of the Parvati and Beas curving around bends, hills and islands in the middle, cut and shaped by natural forces.

Parapets located near the bridge let visitors watch the changing hues and the proceedings from an elevated height – albeit next to a busy dusty road with honking vehicles. As do nearby hotels with terraces over looking the watery expanse. Light can make all the difference. What appears harsher and brighter during the day turns softer and subtle during the night. Put a full moon up in the dark sky and things can get breathtakingly poetic. The town normally shuts down between 8:00 – 8:30 pm.


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