Photographer: Pankaj Sood

What do you do when at 3 am on a chilly September morning, the expedition leader demands you drag your weary bones out of the sleeping bag for a day long hike across the Himalayas, and while you are fumbling about in your tent, stands back with a grin to capture the scene for his personal collection? Insane as it might sound, a thank you would do nicely. Panki Sood, a trained mountaineer and experienced trek leader explains: When it comes to crossing the Bhawa Pass (in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India) or reaching the summit, a very early start is necessary to avoid soft snow, and then a water nallah (stream) that lies inbetween – by 11 am it can turn into a gushing torrent. Panki shot the photo as his trekking party was getting ready inside their tents. Those peaks in the distance are the Leo and Reo pargil peaks, he also adds in.

About the photographer: Pankaj Sood: Pankaj is co-founder of Sunshine Himalayan Adventures an adventure outfit into organizing treks and tours in the Himalayas. Explore more about Sunshine Himalayan Adventures.
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