Home of a literary genius.

Within the city of Ranchi is a wooded hill that seems out of place in the new age suburb it stands in. Yet no bulldozer or demolition crew has flattened it to the ground to make way for modern buildings and structures. Instead a wall has been erected to protect it against encroachment and to preserve the memory of the man who once owned not just the house located on the hill but the entire hill with its serenity, beauty and the splendid view it offered of the surrounding countryside with the then small town of Ranchi hidden in the foliage.

Little known outside literary circles, Jyotirindranath Tagore, elder brother to poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore, was a genius in his own right. In his lifetime he was an accomplished playwright, musician, and pioneer. His contribution greatly influenced modern Bengali art and literature just as much as it played an instrumental part in the development of his younger brother. After the death of his wife, he retired to the sanctity of this hill to live out his last days, a broken man. The house is now a museum and his hill a popular tourist spot.

To get there, visitors need only to follow a flight of stairs that wend up beneath the rustling leaves of ancient trees in place of the dirt path that led Jyotirindranath back to his home.


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