The Penguin History of the World.

History of the World, 6th edition, is what one can possibly hope for in a history book - an up to date product of two eminent historians of the 21st century.


The book that makes for a fine milestone in world history.

First published in 1976, History of the World is an acclaimed non fictional book celebrated for its historical accuracy and interpretation of world history encompassing cultures and civilizations scattered across the vast web of time.

Its author, the eminent British Historian J.M Roberts, was a scholar who devoted much of his adult life to the study of perhaps one of the most interesting subjects in this world, and with the skills of the tutor that he was took to enlightening an audience ranging from college students to the ignorant layman uninterested in knowing about anything beyond own affairs.

After his demise at the age of 75 (see article at Telegraph Obituaries, John Morris Roberts), the difficult task of updating this book to its present day edition was left on the desk of noted historian, Odd Arne Westad, a professor of international history at the London School of Economics and a prize winning author in his own right.

Westwad acquainted with the book since his teenage days and a great admirer of Roberts took to not only revising and updating the masterpiece with meticulous labor but did so without deviating from Roberts original vision of projecting history (see excerpt by Odd Arne Westad in History Network).

History of the World in its 6th edition is thus above all three things that one can possibly hope for a history book to be: It is an up to date product of two eminent historians of the 21st century, recognized for its historical accuracy. It neatly packs into a ‘handheld size’ the complete picture of man’s journey through the ages.

Importantly, far from plastering pages with mere information excavated from beneath mounds of earth, it answers questions, guides and offers insights at every turn and step (albeit, reflecting the view of the authors) right from man’s homosapien cradle to the cold war and beyond. An entertaining yet educative book for both students and enthusiasts looking to explore world history in one single sweep.



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