The three border Kinnauri by Bhuttico.

Made from pure Merino wool imported in from Australia and produced by hand, the three border Kinnauri is one of Bhuttico's top end heritage products for women.


Himalayan heritage wear for women.

Ladies, forget the roses for a while and mush over Casanova here whose sole purpose is to compliment women for being nothing but women with a mesmerizing melange of nature and spiritual symbolism, baby soft texture and the delicious sensuousness of pure wool.

Indeed, the three border Kinnauri shawl (up in the photo) with its soothing grey shade deliberately picked to highlight its bright geometrical patterns is not only counted among the top end products of Bhuttico’s new generation heritage wear both for its refinement and artistry but is acknowledged as one of the most difficult to create.

Making the completion of each one a moment of celebration in honor of the skill of its weaver and the continuing evolution of heritage garments at the hands of this leading producer of shawls in the valley. Feel free to mix, match and try it out with jeans, kurtis, gowns or whatever suits your inimitable expression of fashion.

How is it made: Crafted out of pure Merino wool imported in from Australia then certified by Woolmark, the shawl normally takes between twenty five to thirty days of back breaking work on a loom with the weaver required to set in by hand the series of decorations inside each parallel border that runs from end to end in a single base colour.

The diameter of each woolen thread that makes up the beauty measures up to a fine 2.48 micron to enable the creation of the geometrical patterns, sometimes using only a single thread. Net weight of the product is typically around 500 grams but at times can be more.

Variety: Besides grey, the shawl comes in fawn, white and light grey among other earthly colors with variation in patterns. Higher end counterparts are available in Angora and Pashmina wool in a slightly more expensive price bracket.

What is it known as: In local weaver’s lingo, the shawl is known as the teen patti weaving border shawl (not to be confused with the teen patti shawl with stitched borders). The patti (local dialect) referring to the single color band or border.

Where to buy: Accompanied with its Handloom and GI mark of authenticity, the heritage wear is available at Bhuttico’s thirty one outlets and can also be purchased online by visiting the Bhuttico website or by writing in to Current price: Rs 11,000.

Who is it meant for: Rejoice, all that’s bright, pretty and a product of man’s hard labor is strictly meant for women.

What you get with Bhuttico: Set-up in 1944, the Bhutti weavers co-operative society is a multiple award winning producer of genuine heritage garments known for its hand made products, quality practices and role in safeguarding the ancient art of Himachali weaving as a responsible custodian. To learn more about the society see the Farbound.Net business story: Bhutti Weavers Co-operative Society.



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