Bed tea, AC3 Tier.

Seasoned travelers with a fetish for train travel don’t seem to mind in which train they wake-up as long as it is to the swaying rhythm of a rolling locomotive passing through a breathtaking countryside that never seems to stand still long enough to be admired. But long distance travel, inspite its charm, can leave anyone weary.

One reason why, on long runs, the Ranchi Rajdhani does all it can to make passengers feel as comfortable as possible right down to waking them up with a cup of bed tea. Served very early in the morning, this simple eye opener helps groggy wayfarers stir up their senses, after a night’s sleep cuddled up in blankets inside an air conditioned compartment and shake of the stiffness.

Typically the tea tray includes, a cup and flask with enough hot water for two servings, a sachet of sugar and milk powder, a tea bag and biscuits.

The express known for its better hospitality practices among Indian trains on the same route, serves two major meals, snacks and appetizers on its eighteen hour journey to Ranchi in Jharkhand and when headed for New Delhi. Breakfast with an option for having omelets or vegetable cutlets with bread and butter, and another round of tea follows shortly.

For coffee, passengers need only to ask the attendant.


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