Traditional Himalayan footwear by Bhuttico.

Hand crafted Himalayan footwear made from Cannabis.


Himalayan heritage wear for women.

Pullas at Bhuttico are handcrafted in typical traditional style using Cannabis fiber procured from the stem of the plant, goat’s hair and brightly colored synthetic threads. They are produced by local villagers working from homes with skills passed down from generation to generation and checked for quality by the co-operative society before being displayed in outlets.

Bhuttico’s current range is limited in variety but offer buyers a choice between moccasins, scuffs and the unique Himachali wrap style slippers. The heritage product is very much meant for practical every day use and can be worn both in summer and winter – ideally with light cotton or woolen socks as the material may feel coarse or irritating if worn bare feet.

Where is it traditionally used: Once used indoors and outdoors, the Pulla in Himachal is now normally worn during religious ceremonies, inside temples (where leather is prohibited) and kitchens.

Material used: Fiber from the Cannabis plant, peeled, treated and dried in the sun, goat’s hair and synthetic threads making up the decorative patterns.

What goes with it best: Pullas can be a good compliment for any traditional attire, ethnic garb, casual clothes like pants and jeans or nightwear such as pajamas. Light in weight they can be easily tucked into rucksacks, duffel bags or suitcases for camping trips, overnight stays or holidays.

Who is it meant for: The traditional Himalayan footwear can be used by men, women and children alike.

Sizes available: The Pullas in stock at Bhuttico maxes out at 7 inches – for a plus size enquire for a custom made at the outlet you are visiting or write in to

Where to buy: Pullas are available at Bhuttico’s thirty one outlets present in Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and Mussorie, and can also be purchased online by visiting the Bhuttico website.

Precaution: Pullas are not heavy moisture or fire resistant. If wet leave out in the sun to dry and keep away from flames at all times. They are also susceptible to the weathering effect and can turn dark and thin from continuous wear.

What you get with Bhuttico: Set-up in 1944, the Bhutti weavers co-operative society is a multiple award winning producer of genuine heritage garments known for its hand made products, quality practices and role in safeguarding the ancient art of Himachali weaving as a responsible custodian. To learn more about the society see the Farbound.Net business story: Bhutti Weavers Co-operative Society.



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