Deliciously healthy.

Brewed out of freshly boiled tea water with soaked mint leaves, blended with ice, then served frothy and cold in a tall glass, Valentino’s Lemon Iced Tea is one of those deliciously cool health perks you wouldn’t want to miss out on when visiting either of its two branches, specially during the hot summer months. And here’s why!

Rich in flavonoid, antioxidants and vitamins, as both hot and iced teas are known to be, the health concoction is as fresh and natural as fresh and natural can get (in fact, you can even step inside the kitchen and watch yours being stirred-up). And by virtue of this little quality comes loaded with the right essentials to detoxify your system and strengthen your immunity as you go about exposing your body repeatedly to air born viruses on outdoor excursions. Plus the beverage pretty well complements the restaurant’s other herb based Mexican and Italian cuisines including those fresh veggie salads.

  • What goes into it: Almost as good as homemade, the nature rich concoction is made out of only tea leaves, mint leaves and lemon blended with ice for a cooling effect. No powder, preservatives, syrups or flavor is included – not even sodas and definitely no alcohol.
  • The health benefits: To mention just a few. The flavonoid present in the tea reduces risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. The lemon brings in the Vitamin C to help your immune system fight off the cold and flu. The mint helps improve digestion, skin tone and beat stress. And then, there is all that fluid that helps you not get dehydrated on hot days. Iced tea benefits are also known to include prevention of breast cancer, controlling diabetics and weight.
  • Who is it for: Anybody and everybody who likes to stay robust and healthy. Age no bar.
  • What goes with it best: Just about anything starting from the restaurant’s fully vegetarian pizzas, pasta and lasagna topped with fresh herbs to its sandwiches, burgers and beet root salads.
  • How much does a glass cost: Currently, Rs 50 – nearly half the price of a Lipton Iced Tea Can available in the market.
  • How many glasses should you have: Typically two, maybe three. Just sit back in that airy terrace at the back and sip yours comfortably.
  • Can you make it at home: Well, iced tea recipes are no secret, and there are plenty circulating around on the internet but then at Valentino’s the beverage does come with the additional advantage of having it side by side with a choice in Italian and Mexican cuisine cooked-up with a distinctive western flavor. To know more about the restaurant, see the Farbound.Net directory listing: Valentino’s – cooking with herbs.