Mohal, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Wend your way to the back-end of the Nature Park at Mohal and you arrive at this neatly planned natural balcony with an open view of a murmuring Beas and hills that disappear around both bends. Make it on a windy day with a scent of rain in the air and dense puffs of clouds rolling across the sky and your senses are in for a magical treat.

Stone benches and soft mounds of earth shaded by trees provide seating arrangements while the caretakers (the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department), let you bring in your lunch box, soft drinks and water bottles for meal breaks between daydreaming, contemplating or lazying around doing practically just about nothing.

The park is open from daybreak to dusk, allowing you to spend hours within the premise, summer, autumn or winter with or without that iPod playing your favorite tunes.

One drawback: You just might not get to enjoy the scenic view in solitude – not with this being a public spot with a built-in kid’s playground.


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