Woolen leg warmers by Kullu Karishma.

The retro legwarmer gets a Himalayan touch in this series by Kullu Karishma. Request a custom made or order in bulk for business.


Photo sourced: Kullu Karishma.


Put nature back in fashion.

The retro leg warmer, a particular winter favourite in many parts of the world, picks up a distinctive Himalayan spirit in this cozy and wooly series by Kullu Karishma , a weaving outfit located in the Himalayan hinterland.

Made with pure wool and vegetable dyes, Kullu Karishma’s range is not only about putting nature back on the ramp with its 100% use of nature friendly elements but comes handcrafted to be light, warm and comfortable on any occasion – be it travelling across frozen landscapes, lounging at home with a mug of hot coco or inventing your very own winter fashion statement. Pick from the available range, request a custom made with a choice in patterns, wool and colour, or order in bulk for business.

What you get with Kullu Karishma: 100% nature friendly product that’s hand spun and hand knitted with 30% pure Angora wool, 70% pure Merino wool and colored with vegetable dyes.

Purchase options: Select from stock. Request a custom made. Order for business. Preferred delivery method: Courier. For enquiry and delivery by courier write in to kullukarishma@gmail.com.