Photo sourced: Kullu Karishma


Step-up for nature.

For warm feet in winters, try out Kullu Karishma’s youthful range of pure woolen socks. Made from a blend of Angora and Merino wool, the pairs come in somber earthen hues as well as bright energetic shades decorated with Himalayan patterns to fit a variety of style palates and get your feet comfortably through some nasty winter chills.

Tuck them into boots when going outdoors or mix and match with a Kullu Karishma leg warmer. Shop from the presented range, request a custom made with a choice in patterns, wool and colour, or order in bulk for business.

Variety: The woolen socks are available in ankle high length and low cut for both him and her. Do keep in mind, the woolen socks being thicker than normal socks, may or may not let you gently ease into everyday shoes.

What you get with Kullu Karishma: 100% nature friendly product that’s hand spun and hand knitted with 30% pure Angora wool, 70% pure Merino wool and colored with vegetable dyes.

Purchase options: Select from stock. Request a custom made. Order for business. Preferred delivery method: Courier. For enquiry and delivery by courier write in to