Woolen sweaters by Kullu Karishma.

Casual and comfortable cable knit sweaters hand spun and hand knitted to bring out the warmth of pure wool.


Put nature back in fashion.

As a Himalayan weaving outfit that since its inception in 1991 has concentrated on merging the goodness of nature with the art of loom or hand knitting techniques, Kullu Karishma strictly adheres to the use of natural wool and fibers for producing its crop of woolens as can be found in these beautiful cable knitted round neck sweaters that are either made out of pure Angora, Merino, Pashmina and Yak wool or sometimes blends of different wool types.

Procuring the natural material largely from farms or its own farm in the case of Angora, the outfit invests considerable time and energy in refining and transforming it into fine woolen threads inside its present three story production facility equipped with everything from hydro extractors to Gilling machines, before allotting the work of spinning and knitting to native Himachali weavers, largely womenfolk, who continue to make up the greater part of its work force, even if in recent years men have also begun to fill in the ranks.

The garments produced, are either displayed in exhibitions, selective shops or exported to other countries. Like every other collection to come out of Kullu Karishma’s production facility, the range is essentially about putting nature back on the ramp with its 100% use of nature friendly elements including the use of vegetable dyes, that the outfit also produces itself. And reflects its commitment to improve the livelihood of local talent.

While the outfit has and continues to also work in the business to business segment, supplying custom made woolen garments as per the quoted specifications of businesses, fashion designers and other apparel outlets, it majorly sticks to its specialization in the use of natural materials and loom or hand knitting techniques.

Its collections almost always hand crafted to be baggy, warm and comfortable, specifically designed to fit into any kind of occasion barring aside formal settings – be it travelling across frozen landscapes, lounging at home with a mug of hot coco or inventing one’s very own casual winter fashion statement.

Individual customers have the option of purchasing Kullu Karishma’s creations from its factory outlet at discounted prices, or getting custom designed woolens made which is then couriered to their respective addresses.

How are the sweaters made: Kullu Karishma’s range of sweaters are made out of either Angora, Pashmina, Yak or Merino wool. The woolen threads are hand spun then hand knitted by local Himalayan weavers.

Variety: The outfit typically prefers to offer both its clientele and individual customers, a generally good choice in variety when in comes down to its collection of woolens including its range of sweaters with options in design, shape and colors – and specially in the area of custom design which offers buyers greater freedom in having uniquely created garments for sole use. For colours Kullu Karishma extensively uses vegetable dyes to lend its garments different hues and shades of earthly or bright appeal.

Who are the sweaters meant for: Kullu Karishma’s range of sweaters is generally unisex and can be worn by men, women and children. Specially with jeans or cargos.

Where can one acquire them: The sweaters can be acquired at exhibitions where Kullu Karishma displays its products one or twice a year, selective outlets, the outfit’s production facility in Shamshi, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India or by connecting with Kullu Karishma online with an email and placing in an order.

What does one get with Kullu Karishma: 100% natural products that are warm and comfortable, made by the hands of Himalayan weavers.



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