Zulu Dawn.

A historical war film based on the battle of Isandlwana, South Africa, between the Zulu Kingdom and British Empire.


The battle that humbled the British Empire.

In 1879, well trained British regiments equipped with state of the art Henry Martini Breech loading rifles and drilled in modern day warfare techniques faced off against a 20,000 strong Zulu army charging home with nothing more than spears, cudgels and ox-hide shields.

The outcome, later prompting British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, to famously question: “Who are these Zulus, who are these remarkable people, who defeat our generals, convert our bishops and on this day have put an end to a great dynasty?”

Zulu Dawn, released in 1979 depict the historical battle of Isandlwana that took place in 1879 between the Zulus, a fierce African warrior tribe and the British army stationed in Natal, South Africa. Starring Peter O Tool, Burt Lancaster, Bob Hoskins and Simon Ward in lead roles, the movie was a box office disappointment upon release but remains a historical classic, not to be ignored.


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