Rose Ringed Parakeet.

With a nature gifted plumage that lets it blend into the greenery, a rose ringed Parakeet, of the p. k. manillensis sub species, balances high on a tree for a bit of breakfast in the outskirts of Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh, India. Unlike the male, the female lacks the characteristic red ring around the neck the birds are named after, sporting only at times a ring of green.

But the red beaks, like that of their opposite sex, are no less talkative. In fact, Parakeets are claimed to have the highest voice clarity among all species in the parrot family.

Recorded to be petted over 4,000 years ago, parrots are like children growing up. They pick up words and repeat them without thinking of the relevant meaning. An unique trait that has ironically led to the Hindi phrase “Rattu Tota” – a snide remark largely directed towards students who learn by rote and also people who utter words without comprehension.